Wednesday, June 9, 2010

15 World's Largest Stadium

June 09, 2010

1. Rungrado May Day Stadium
Located in Pyongyang, North Korea and able to accommodate 150 000 spectators.

2. Salt Lake Stadium
Located in Calcutta, India and able to accommodate 120 000 spectators

3. Estadio Azteca
Located in Mexico City Mexico, Mexico and able to accommodate 114.465 spectators

4. Bukit Jalil National Stadium
Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and able to accommodate 110 000 spectators

5. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Located in New Delhi, India, and able to accommodate 100 000 spectators

6. Melbourne Cricket Ground
Located in Melbourne, Australia, and able to accommodate 100 000 spectators

7. Camp Nou
The stadium is owned by the Barcelona football club, this stadium is located Barcelona, Spain that is able to accommodate 98.772 spectators

8. Est dio do Maracan
Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and able to accommodate 95.000 spectators

9. Wembley Stadium
This stadium is the pride of British stadium is located in London, England and able to accommodate 90.000 spectators

10. Azadi Stadium
Located in Tehran, Iran, able to accommodate 90.000 spectators

11. Bung Karno Stadium
Indonesia's biggest stadium is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and able to accommodate 88.000 spectators

12. Luzhniki Stadium
The stadium is located in Moscow, Russia and able to accommodate 84.745 spectators

13. Telstra Stadium
The stadium is located in Sydney, Australia and able to accommodate 83.500 spectators

14. Olimpiyskiy
The stadium is located in Kyiv. Ukraine and able to accommodate 83.450 spectators

15. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
This stadium is the stadium of the two big clubs in Italy that Inter Milan and AC Milan, but for AC Milan Stadio San Siro stadium is named, the stadium is located in Milan, Italy is able to accommodate 82.955 spectators



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