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Me and Technologies

June 02, 2010

My name is Eko Zulkaryanto, Computer Science Student of Bogor Agricultural University. In this blog, I want to share experiences about the many technologies that I have learned in my college and beyond.

At this time, have developed information and communication technology rapidly. What is so wrong we study the existing technologies. Ok, I'll try to share the technology I've learned on this blog. hopefully help you as readers of this blog.

Now, we do not know what kind of technology in the next ten years. This year, we have encountered a very rapid development of technology compared with previous years. For example in computer technology, user interface has been developed from the CLI (Command Line Interface) to a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Today, technology has begun to develop NUI (Natural User Interface) which will replace the GUI.

See the illustration below:
(source :
Quoted from Wikipedia, Natural user interface, or NUI, is the common parlance used by designers and developers of computer interfaces to refer to a user interface that is effectively invisible, or becomes invisible with successive learned interactions, to its users. The word natural is used because most computer interfaces use artificial control devices whose operation has to be learned. A NUI relies on a user being able to carry out relatively natural motions, movements or gestures that they quickly discover control the computer application or manipulate the on-screen content. The most descriptive identifier of a NUI is the lack of a physical keyboard and/or mouse.

Hopefully we can keep up with technology.

Eko Zulkaryanto


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